How To Measure Your Ring Size

The 3 easiest ways to measure your ring size at home are:

  1. The string method
  2. Using a printable ring sizer
  3. Measuring an existing ring to determine a size that already fits


    1. String Method

    If the above methods aren't possible, you can try measuring your finger with a piece of string. You'll need some string, scissors, a ruler, and a pen.

    • Cut a piece of string to at least 3 inches long
    • Wrap the string around your desired finger and using a pen, mark exactly where it meets.
    • Lay the string flat and measure the length between the end and your mark in millimeters.
    • This is the circumference of your finger. Now you can use the size chart below to find your size.


    2. Using a Printable ring sizer

    There are several printable ring sizers available online, so if you have a printer, this is an excellent way to measure your ring size.


    3. Using Another Ring

    For ring sizes, we use the inside diameter of the ring. If you aren't sure your ring size and you have other rings around the house that fit correctly, measure the inside diameter of that ring to the closest mm and that's your size. Once you have this measure, you can find your size in the chart below.


    Nisi Ring Sizing Chart

    51.9mm 16.5mm 6 L 1/2
    54.4mm 17.3mm 7 N 1/2
    57mm 18.1mm 8 P 1/2


    Please Keep in Mind:

    Your ring size can fluctuate about a half size, based on your temperature, hydration levels, hormones, etc. In case of being between two sizes, we recommend you to choose the bigger one. Also, If your knuckle is bigger than your finger make sure the string can slip over it, but make sure it’s tight. Consider sizing up if your knuckle is larger so that you can get your ring passed your knuckle.