how we started

About Us

Nisi is an independent jewellery line founded in 2022 by Natasha Sotiraki. The brand reflects Natasha’s vision to create thoughtfully designed pieces that are made to move with you, every single day.

slow lifestyle


The founder draws her inspiration from the Greek Island where she was born, the slow island lifestyle and the importance of slowing down to take in the beauty and bounty of the everyday.

More than just a brand, Nisi aims to inspire a mindful and purposeful way of living, thinking and dressing.

jewellery for everyday

Our Vision & Mission

Our vision as a brand is to design jewellery for everyday & for wherever life takes you. It is made to move with you through every joy of life. Our pieces are more than just material objects, but cherished personal signatures.

As a brand, our values lie strongly with embracing sustainable growth, quality of life and above all, relationships. Relationships with customers, collaborators, the local community and everyone in between.

designed in the uk


We share a love for understated luxury and soft elegance - to us, less really is more. Good design is as little design as possible. Less, but better.

We don’t prioritise fleeting trends but instead, we focus on classic, delicate pieces with timelessness and wearability in mind.